Orange Family Physicians Project

I’ve been doing general painting at Orange Family Physicians for a number of years. Recently they added a new section of patient rooms and I had the pleasure of painting some interesting faux finishes and murals in three of the rooms. I also had the pleasure of working with Linda Parr who is “Parr-excelllent” when it comes to doing murals.

Complete 2010


The inspiration for this project was a poster of Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park 116. The idea was to take elements from the poster and reinvent them on the walls in the bedroom. Diebenkorn’s use of color and layering is very complex but I took a weekend and created my own simple version. Below left is poster and the next two pictures are of the art piece I did.

Completed 2009

Magraw Project

Another floor added to my collection! I must say, this may sound strange, but I love doing floors, painted, stained, wood, concrete, textured, tile, you name it. Anyway, I took a old wooden floor that had originally been stained with a semi-transparent diamond pattern and painted a similar pattern once the floor had been prepped. The reason for painting instead of re-staining was the floor would probably not take another sanding down to the bare wood, which would have been necessary.

Completed August 2009

Bernard Project

Hi Mommy!! We’re having fun!! But, uh, ok, we miss you – yep got food and water and staying dry, but we still miss you!! We’re getting some play time in now that the rooms are back to the way they were before, and we like hanging out with the painter gals. We said our tails would work well – you know, like dipping them in the paint and doing some texture on the walls – heck, no one but us thought that was a good idea – so pretty much we’re just supervising. We try to check out the progress from a lot of angles. Ah, and um, one us really likes Karen’s shoes. We won’t say who……

Completed July 2009

Perkins Project

Working on getting pictures! At the time this project was in progress I tore my rotator cuff and didn’t get the pictures I wanted.

Completed July 2009

Gage & Rinella Project

Sylvia Gage and Lorraine Rinella of Gage and Rinella and I have worked together for years on some very interesting projects. This office reception space originally was scheduled to have vertical stripes. However, once I looked at the space it seemed more to want a horizontal treatment. The wall was a beautiful curve behind the reception desk. This is the left section of the wall – imagine that wall continuing the curve to the right.

Completed April 2009

Wilkins Project

Gwen Hoyle of La Galeria and I transformed an ordinary office into a Tuscan Villa look using a variety of techniques.

Completed March 2009

Laura Kearns Room

I’ve been working on one project or another at the Kearn’s house since 1997 when I did all the kitchen cabinets. Over time I will go back in history and show all the different projects and the work on each one as it progressed.
This particular project was joyful to do as it involved two luscious colors in orange and lemon. We added curtains, changed the furniture around, added some really cool dots we found on sale and organized the room and closet. There were two colored light poles (one in each of the girl’s rooms) so we also switched around the shades to put more of the sun colors in this room.

Completed December 2008

Sullivan Project

Kitchen cabinet doors were peeling and showing water damage. Sanded, primed and repainted all cabinet bases and surrounding trim, replaced doors, hardware (including boring for new hinges), had electrician rewire for new microwave and built cabinet to house electrical box and add more storage.

Completed November 2008

Hooff Kitchen Project

You are going to love this kitchen. We had such fun doing it. The first several pictures are the blank primed walls.

Kitchen completed May 2008

Mann Master Bath Project

In this bathroom make over we added wainscoting, individual 4″ boards, with new base, shoe and cap. We framed in the mirror, primed and painted the wood cabinets including scoring the doors to match the lines in the wainscoting, and added crown molding to the ceiling. The top of the vanity and Jacuzzi areas were resurfaced with a product called SpreadStone and all new faucets, handles, and lighting were added. Lots of details in the trim work as well!! The spreadstone was sculpted and colored to match the look and tone of the existing flooring. The walls were painted a soft green that matched the color in the adjoining bedroom. I had a glitch with my camera and so there are no before pictures but the existing walls were wallpapered from the 80’s which the client painstakingly removed herself!

Completed March 2008

Hooff Dining Room Project

Here’s the thing – if stripes look like they are easy, you know, just lines on a wall, think again! When you have to make things look even throughout a room, starting from one wall and going around the room, you’ll find out why you needed to learn math in school!!
This dining room has exposure on all four sides to another area. There is a grand opening between the dining and living rooms, two windows on the outside wall of the house, french doors on the third wall to the patio, and a door into the kitchen off to the side on the fourth wall. Not to mention that the room isn’t really square in the corners.
This particular project was an extreme mathematical challenge. I took me several days and many tries marking the walls with pencil and tape to get the stripes to match in alternating colors from one wall to the next. On each wall, I’d start over the doorways or windows. I made a lot of my adjustments in the corners as I found the stripes could be the largest there. I imagined it was like a triangle, the point being in the corner and the base facing out. The base was what you’d “see” as the width of the stripe, not the sum of each side of the triangle on the wall.
If you were to measure these stripes you will find that some are 4″ some are up to 6″ and so on. The eye is fooled into thinking they are the same depending on their placement. I also worked hard to make them symmetrical around the openings. For example, in the first picture, you’ll see that I centered the dark stripe over the doorway and move outward with the stripes. I was able to do this around the doorway into the kitchen. However, over the opening to the living room and around the windows, the center point is where two stripes meet.

Completed September 2006